Share Life

Our vision is to see a world of individual communities partnering with each other so that people are empowered to change their own circumstances and the circumstances of those around them.

Our Purpose

Share Life's purpose is to pioneer new ways for communities around the world to impart wisdom and practical knowledge from their respective places of economic, social, emotional and spiritual strength and to be supported in their areas of weakness. We seek practical, holistic ways of meeting needs, sharing strengths and supporting weaknesses in each of the communities we have relationships with.

What We Believe

We believe that all communities, like individuals, have evolving strengths and weaknesses. They are able to learn from one another, help and share from their areas of strength and to grow and benefit in their areas of weakness. All too often, economically marginalized communities in developing nations are evaluated and perceived only in terms of their weaknesses. They are not seen as repositories of a variety of skills and strengths, which can be harnessed for growth in their own towns, cities and nations and to benefit others around the world. Similarly, resources, whether financial, human or educational, often flow into these economically marginalized groups but not out of them, often because of a lack of vision or structures to allow for them to do so.

Share Life believes that by adopting the perspective that all communities possess inherit strengths and can be a benefit to each other, life – as it is experienced financially, emotionally, socially and spiritually – can truly be shared and communities made stronger for it.

We recently had the opportunity to partner with a group of Cuban doctors who have excellent medical training but limited access to medication to help them better provide their communities with healthcare.

Share Life is overseen by Robyn Bright.
Rooted in the belief that God has called and equipped churches, globally, to be agents of love, mercy, justice and change in the communities and nations they are based in, Robyn is passionate about developing the structures and programs needed to allow All Nations Church to play such a role both here in Canada and overseas. Robyn is the Manager of Resource Development & Strategic Partnerships for The Micronutrient Initiative, and has her MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding. She is married to Noah Bright.

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